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Chatham PTA Thrift Shop

We would love to have you volunteer for a workgroup. No experience is necessary! As a volunteer you will work with a trained supervisor during your workgroup to tidy the store, restock clothing, and organize items.  Your supervisor is trained to lead the workgroup.  Bring your energy and enthusiasm and the supervisor will do the rest.

Items to note:

  • 14 volunteer slots per work group, plus the Supervisor as the 15th person 

  • Come and join even if it's just part of that time - every little bit helps!

  •  Kids 10+ can join and people volunteering do not have to be affiliated with our school to volunteer (can be neighbors, grandparents, etc... an older sibling at a different school can also tag along and earn volunteer hours for their Chatham Co School)

Screenshot 2023-04-10 at 2.53.07 PM.png

Quick Facts:

  • Each hour volunteered = $$$ for Chatham Grove

  • Volunteers aged 10+ may volunteer (children must be accompanied by an adult)

  • No experience needed! Each group is led by a trained supervisor that will show you what to do.

  • Usual duties include straightening the clothing/shoes/home goods/book racks and hanging new clothes in the back.

  • Work Groups happen during hours that the store is closed to the public.



The PTA Thrift Shop was one of our school's largest fundraisers, distributing over $335,000 to Chatham County Schools in 2020. To help our school continue to earn this valuable money that funds much needed programs and supplies that benefit OUR children, please be on the lookout for many ways to volunteer this year. Each volunteer hour brings in MORE MONEY to THIS SCHOOL!

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